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Gordon L Jones

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“Seeing begins with respect, but wonder is the fuel which sustains vision. To most of us the reality of wonder, its presence in our everyday lives, has become diminished in the process of growing up. The extraordinary has become ordinary, the unfamiliar, familiar, the incredible, credible. We expect that the sun will rise each morning, that spring will follow winter, that the world which grows dark when we close our eyes will reappear when we open them. It is a rare adult who thinks about these things. We forget that it has not always been so.

An infant’s sense of wonder is boundless, a child’s scarcely less. As unusual as the adult who would sit watching clouds form and dissolve is the child who wouldn’t. It is this wonder which emerges as a child confronts the outside world that causes children to explore and learn. And it is familiarity which gradually dims the child’s wonder as he becomes an adult. We become people who filter everything through previous experience, seeing less and learning little. It is not the ability to see which has fled; all the ingredients remain. What has leaked out is the fuel that powers the visual apparatus – the sense of wonder.”

Steven J. Meyers,

On Seeing Nature

This work by Gord Jones is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Canada.